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Dry meets Cheap Trick!

Dry Meets Cheap Trick!
Dry has to start saying a special thanks to Bob Singer of Waterstone guitars for making this all possible. We are forever grateful and have memory's that will last a lifetime.

We went to see Cheap Trick at the Illinois state fair in Springfield and what an awesome time it was. Cheap Trick sounded great. Tom played his yellow and red Waterstone 12 string basses all night. His 12 string basses sounded like an entire orchestra of 40 people. What a huge sound it was.

Cheap Trick!.jpg

Even better was getting watch Cheap Trick from backstage! The view isn't as good but who cares,
Cheap Trick form Back Stage!

But more importantly to me was to meet the inventor of the 12 string bass Tom Petersson.
Tom Petersson

Brandon and Bun E Carlos.
Brandon and Bun E Carlos

Rick Nielsen signing autographs for us.
Rick Nielsen

Here's Sean stalking after Robin Zander for autographs.
Robin Zander

Sean King another 12 string bassist from St. Louis reunited Tom with his long lost Kids Dragon bass.
Sean is pictured here on the left with me on the right.
Pictures of the Kids Dragon 12 are at the bottom of this page.
Sean King, Tom Petersson, Jim Morgan

We were able to talk to Tom Petersson for about 45 minutes before the show and about 30 minutes after the show.
What an awesome time that turned into.
This was Awesome!

No I wasn't trying to kiss Tom. Head East was playing about 40 feet away from us and it was loud!
Tom and Jim.jpg

Tom's Petersson's Purple Kids Dragon bass that I got to check out.
Tom's Kids 12 string bass

This bass was stolen several years ago. Sean King from St. Louis bought it a few years back not knowing that it had been stolen previously. Tom Found it on the internet at 12stringbass.net and was able to contact Sean King about it. Sean was more than happy to reunite it with it's rightful owner Tom Petersson.
Tom's Kids 12 string bass
Tom's Kids 12 string bass

It was great meeting the guys from Cheap Trick. Tom Petersson especialy was a great guy to talk to. It seemed like he made a special effort to make sure he came out and talked with us and never seemed like he was in a hurry.
I asked him if he ever played his Hamers or Chandlers anymore and he said "No. I only play the Waterstone's now." (except for the occasional 4 string bass)
I have seen Cheap Trick many times and often wanted to talk to the man that is really responsible for all those 12 string basses in my house. (actually I think my wife wanted to say something to him about that too... )
This was a great experience for myself and I will remember as long as I live.

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