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It could be said that the band was really formed back in September of 1993 when Sean Kistler, Jim Morgan and Steve Morris got together as "Tye Dye Cat". This is the first time Sean and Jim played together as working musicians. There were several bumps in the road (ex-wifes) and several member changes that led to the destruction of Tye Dyed Cat. DRY was actually formed in the summer of 1995 with the original members Sean Kistler, Michael Shuemaker (Shubie) and Jaun Alvarado. From the inception they went into the business with the understanding they were not going to play the same old boring music that every other cover band was going to play. Along with this the idea was to play songs that everyone could appreciate. Their music can range from the Foo Fighters to Cheap Trick, to the Beatles, to Jimmy Buffett and even Johnny Cash. After going through a few drummers and a bass player, October of 1998 brought the final Dry lineup of Sean Kistler (vocals/guitar), Jim Morgan (bass), and Brandon Merry (drums).
DRY released their first full length CD 14 Days on 5/28/99. With a lot of help from WLSR 92.7 The Laser spinning 14 Days, They have kept busy and the CD continues to sell well. Their second full length CD (titled "What's Yours?") was released on 2/14/02 and has received radio airplay with very positive response. On 8/20/05 DRY celebrated their 10 year anniversary with the release of a 4 song CD "Who Invited Chewie?". In March of 2006 DRY was asked to be on a benefit CD for Enuff Z'nuff drummer Ricky Parent. They submitted the song "Might As Well" and it was included on the CD titled "Labour of Love". Other artists on the "Labor of Love" CD include Richy Sambora, Enuff Z'nuff, Jeff Pilson, Trixter, and Wade Williams just to name a few so DRY is very proud to be on it.
Many of the tracks from DRY's CD's can be heard on the MP3 page or video page.

What is DRY?
DRY is basically a guitar based 3 piece band with a lead guitar/lead vocalist, a 12 string bass player (orchesta in a box), and a drummer who they use to set the atomic clock every time it starts running a little out of time. DRY is most noted for their live performances filled with lots of rock and roll energy, improvisation, almost never taking breaks, and always keeping the crowd dancing.
DRY can adapt to just about any size venue or event. DRY has a large PA for big venues but can scale down to a small PA for small bars and venues. Occasionally they perform Un-plugged shows.

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