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Enuff Znuff Drummer Benefit CD Now available At 34 West Records

The Ricky Parent benefit CD featuring many artists including Dry is now available for sale at 34 West Records and also at Dry's live shows. You can click on the image of the CD above to order online. Dry will sell them at their shows as long as supplies are available. Some artists included are:
Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Dio, Foreigner), Russ Parrish-(FIGHT,The Thornbirds, Kevin Gilbert), Jamie Rowe (Guardian), Billy McCarthy (Author-Devil in Shakespeare/D'Molls), Crash Kelly, 40ft Ringo, Sy Klopps Blues Band, Matt Fig, Wade Williams, Ripe, Liberty n Justice, DRY, Crunchy (Monty Colvin-Galactic Cowboys), Trixter (never before released track!), Heaven and Earth featuring Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi) and several more artists. This is a great sounding CD and is for a very good cause! Thank you for your support.

Dry To Open Show For Enuff Znuff and Vixen

June 9th 2006 Dry will open for Enuff Znuff and female group Vixen at the Rivoli Theater in Monmouth Illinois. Show times are yet to be determined but will probably start at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are available at the Rivoli box office, Capital one Records in Galesburg and also from Dry at their performances. This will be a great time.

Dry To Be On Cancer Benefit CD For Enuff Znuff Drummer Ricky Parent

Dry has been asked and has submitted and signed the release form to have their song "Might As Well" be included on an upcoming benefit CD for "Ricky Parent" the drummer for Enuff Znuff. The CD titled "Labor of Love" will be release by 34 West Records in February 2006.
Some artists included are:
Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Dio, Foreigner), Russ Parrish-(FIGHT,The Thornbirds, Kevin Gilbert), Jamie Rowe (Guardian), Billy McCarthy (Author-Devil in Shakespeare/D'Molls), Crash Kelly, 40ft Ringo, Sy Klopps Blues Band, Matt Fig, Wade Williams, Ripe, Liberty n Justice, DRY, Crunchy (Monty Colvin-Galactic Cowboys), Trixter (never before released track!), Heaven and Earth featuring Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi) and more artists will be announced!
Another local artist, Wade Williams, submitted an instrumental titled "The Albatross" which was engineered and mixed by Jim Morgan.
Click here for the press release: Press Release

Dry Celebrates Their 10th Birthday With CD Release

Dry celebrated their 10th birthday at RPM's Bar and Grill in Galesburg this past weekend with the release of their new 4 song "EP" "Who Invited Chewie?". Dry sold several CD's and T-shirts and had Chewie as their Special Guest. Dry would like to thank all of those who attended for making it a very successful evening. A Special thanks to 92.7 for the "Live Remote" and all the promotion. We also have to thank Miller Lite and the Miller Lite girls for all of their help. Miller Lite made free custom t-shirts for those poeple who wanted them. Be sure to keep calling those radio stations and request DRY!
Dry began in the summer of 1995 and has played non stop for the entire decade. Going through 4 drummers until 1998 when the final line up of Sean Kistler, Jim Morgan and Brandon Merry became the final version of DRY.

Dry Meets and Talks With Cheap Trick!

Thanks to Bob Singer of Waterstone Guitars, Dry was able to meet Cheap Trick at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield. What an Awesome experience it was. Dry had "All Access" back stage passes and was able to watch from back stage. Jim was able to talk to the "inventer of the 12 string bass" Tom Petersson for about 45 minutes before the show and also about 30 minutes after the show. For pictures and more about the experience click here.

Jim Offered an Endorsement Deal With Waterstone Guitars

After the purchase of a new TP-2 Waterstone 12 string bass, Jim Morgan received an endorsement offer from Waterstone guitars out of Nashville Tennessee. This is the maker of the Tom Petersson Signature series 12 string bass. "It's a great company where you can buy a high quality instruments for reasonable prices." Jim also got a Waterstone E2 six string model guitar that Sean is playing on a regular basis. DRY will definately be using more Waterstone guitars and basses in the near future. Be sure to visit Waterstone guitars web site and check out there cool selections of retro guitars and basses.
(Note: as of October 2005 the Waterstone "arsenal" includes:
TP-2 twelve string bass Tom Petersson Siganature Series (cherry)
TP-12/34 twelve string bass (trans green)
TP-12/32 prototype twelve string bass (blue)
2 ME-2 four string basses (natural and blue sparkle)
Rainwood Acoustic Bass (natural)
E2 six string guitar (gold sparkle)
Matthew Sweet RST six string guitar (orange sparkle)
Quest six string guitar (blue)
Waterstone Guitars

Dryband.com was Hacked!

On 4/12 and 4/13 someone has "hacked" DRY's web site and link viruses to our pages so that it sent a virus to the visitors computer. It was possible for visitors not having virus protection to pickup a computer virus. The problem was fixed! Some people I guess just have too much time on their hands.

New Hamer Studio Custom on Order

Thanks to Bruce Nelson at Cherry Street Guitar again, Sean Kistler ordered a Hamer Studio Custom (Archtop) guitar. Expected delivery is around 6/12/04. Technically Cherry Street Guitar is now a Hamer Dealer.

New Hamer 12 String Bass on Order

Thanks to Bruce Nelson at Cherry Street Guitar, Jim Morgan has ordered a new Custom Hamer 12 String Bass (B12M). This one will be a Indigo Blue, medium scale (32"), with binding, inlays and custom stereo wiring. The bass should be shipped around 5/29/04. Jim sold his Dean Rhapsody 12 string bass and a Musicman SUB bass to help finance the project. Cherry Street Guitar was not a "Hamer" dealer but an Ovation dealer. Both Hamer and Ovation are owner by Kaman Music Corp. Jim wanted to keep his purchase local so Bruce worked out the deal.

Seth Morgan Rocks with DRY at the Galva High School Mid Winter Dance

DRY played at the Galva High School Mid Winter Dance and Seth Morgan got up and jammed with DRY. DRY has never played at a High School Dance. The girls kept screaming while Seth was playing.

Live Videos Now Available at dryband.com

Eight Apple Quicktime videos of DRY are now available on DRY's video page. Quicktime 6.0 or greater is needed for viewing. The video was recorded at the Galva Days Street Dance in August by Video Media Productions. The sound quality and video quality are both very good.

Galva Days Street Dance Calm in the Storm

Galva has to be one of the most unlucky towns in Illinois. It seems like every tornado that hits Illinois is targeting Galva as the bulls-eye! Only a couple of short weeks ago this town had major damage but was able to get it cleaned up in time for the Galva Days events. The street dance went off without too many problems except getting power out to the street. Estimates are between 300 - 400 people at the street dance. 9 year old Seth Morgan got up and played 6 songs with DRY and I believe he went through puberty in one night. See photo gallery for some photos of the dance. Video Media Productions video taped the show and Norris Sound and Lights recorded the audio. Parts of the video will be available on DRY's web site by November.

Record Crowd at the Abingdon Parking Lot Party

The Abingdon Parking Lot party was a great success. Several hundred people came after the car show and had a rockin' good time. Thanks to Norris Lights and Sound for making us sound good. DRY made a live recording of the show and some of the songs will be available at a later date.

Avon Street Dance Bash

The Avon Street Dance had a good turnout with several hundred people showing up. The street dance is now happening 3 times during the summer months. It was an all ages dance with many kids and adults having a good time. 9 year old Seth Morgan (Jim's son) got up and played rhythm guitar on 3 Cheap Trick songs.

Dryband.com Gets Hit With Denial of Service Attack!

Dryband.com was hit with a Denial of Service attack which put our web site out of business for a while. No e-mails were received and web pages could not be loaded. The problem has been cured (for now) and should not be any more problem. This only happened one other time 2 years ago.

Sean Gets Married in Las Vegas

Congratulations to Sean and Kelli on their wedding in Las Vegas. The wedding was video taped along with the entire trip until Sean lost the video camera. It's my understanding the wedding night was video taped also however that tape was in the camera when it disappeared. We should be able to find the video on the internet in a couple of weeks so keep checking. The reception was at the American Legion hall in Galesburg with a good turnout considering the weather was terrible. Bruce Sampson was the DJ for the event with a little help from Eric Hanson.

Brandon Gets a 7 Pounder

Congratulations to Brandon and his wife Stacy on their newborn! Stacy gave birth to a 7 lb. baby girl. They named her Rebecca Rae. The long awaited event has happened. This will explain Brandon's brown finger nails for the next couple of years.

Nobody Gets Arrested at Sean's Bachelor Party

The evening started out sober. After 2 coolers full of beer, 5 pitchers of beer at Hooters, 2 very large Coronas at Ribco, and 20 silicone boobs, sober was pronounced slohowber. Jim was the devasated designated driver hauling 4 drunks around the Quad Cities. At the end of the evening the vocabulary consisted of... ah ahn.... pu pull over.... mmmmm.... I didn't think I drank that much. Nobody died... nobody arrested. The wedding day is 2/12/03 in Las Vagas.

Thrillsville Calls it Quits

Galesburg's own 80's retro band Thrillsville is calling it quits after one more gig. With the announcement of Doug Baughman leaving sometime earlier, Thrillsville was not able to find a new Guitar player that wanted to play all 80's music. Most of the members have already started working on other projects. Kim and Shuby will be doing an un-plugged duo. Shuby can also be heard with Sean Kistler every Sunday evening at "The Corner Connection" playing their un-plugged gig. Rumor has it Steve Davis has joined a band from Peoria. Thrillsville will be missed.

Brandon Switches Back to Tama Super Star Drums

After playing Pork Pie Drums for the last couple of years Brandon sold all of his Pork Pies and went back to playing Tama Super Stars. The larger 24" kick drum has much more THUMP over the 22"!

Sean's Boys are Hanging in a Sling

Dry took the first 2 weeks of November off so Sean could get a vasectomy. He walks a lot like a cowboy who has been riding his horse all day but he's doing fine. We have notice he's been staring into space a lot for some reason. This week during practice he's been teaching the rest of the band members Culture Club and Melissa Etheridge songs.
Click here to see the actual vasectomy procedure.

The Beer Cellar in Burlington Closes Down

The Beer Cellar at the Burlington Wickliff Inn has closed its doors. The Beer Cellar was closed for the summer and re-opened September 1st through September 7th for a final 2 week party. Under new management they decided that they would turn it into a weight room. Thank you to all the people who came to see DRY at the "Cellar."

Jim Gambles Marriage on Another New Bass Guitar

Well "she" said it couldn't and wouldn't be done but some how he pulled off buying a new bass from Cherry Street Guitar Co. Jim added a Spector Professional Semi-Hollowbody Fretless bass to his bass arsenal. Jim said, "It's all about catching um at the right time of the month!" She said, "You can't play 7 basses at one time." After weeks of persuasion (kissin up), he got the job done. So far the marriage is doing fine. Jim figures after the house gets re-decorated, a new bedroom gets built, the living room gets new furniture, and she gets a new wardrobe, this bass only cost him about $10,000 dollars!

The Ultimate Party on The Patio Winner is....

The Laser 92.7 winner for The Ultimate Party on The Patio is Keith Goehl of Galesburg Il. Congratulations on the patio furniture, grill, and Alwan’s meat. We'll be by to eat the meat, trash your house and try out the grill and furniture.

Bad Weather Cause's DRY to Cancel Outdoor Gig

After a full day of rain off and on all day DRY cancelled their outdoor job in Dallas City because of a thunderstorm watch. Dry apologizes to the bar and patrons but with no alternative plans to play indoors their are not many options but to not play at all. Thousands of dollars of equipment getting wet not to mention the dangers of lighting make it not worth the risk. In seven years DRY has only cancelled 3 jobs. One due to sickness (Sean), One due to mechanical failure on our van, and this one.


Brandon and Stacy have officially announced the release date of their first child... Due "out" in late January 2003. Brandon is very excited about it and his wife Stacy is "swelling" with anticipation also! After January Brandon will have that "tell tail" brown finger-nail syndrome.

Summer is Here and the Outdoor Gigs are Here

This week Dry played outdoors in Oquawka along the Mississippi river at T.C.'s Pier. Lots of sweaty tan bodies and beer and mosquitoes is the best way to describe the gig. There was a good turnout. T.C.'s used to be the old "Mr. Stiffys" that became "The Peir" and was flooded completely under water a couple of years ago but has since been completely rebuilt recently. Dry will be returning to T.C.s on 7/20/02 and also 8/17/2002 weather permitting.

Eureka Springs Arkansas Gig Was a Great Time

Dry drove to Eureka Springs Arkansas this Memorial Day weekend and played at The Lumberyard Saloon. We had a great time being "tourist's" and performers in this beautiful part of the country. We were well received both Friday and Saturday night. Friday afternoon 5 minutes after we arrived when we were getting directions, someone backed into Jim's new 3 day old Ford Explorer. A few beers later it wasn't a problem anymore. (Welcome to Eureka Springs!) We will probably be returning in September to play there again. Thanks to Keith Wilkerson, Jason Yeager, and everyone at The Lumberyard Saloon for making it possible. If your ever in the Eureka Springs area be sure stop in and check it out. It's a very nice bar. Don't be in any big hurry while your down there, the locals move at there own pace which is never fast.

Dry Gets Spammed On

Dry's E-mail was invaded (stolen) by the "Spammers". If you received any e-mails for "home equity loan companies" or "porn sites" that have a return e-mail address of dryban@dryband.com or anything ending with @dryband.com, IT IS NOT FROM US! Dry in no way sends spam mail or bulk e-mail. If we did it sure wouldn't be any material of this nature. It seems someone is using (stealing) our domain (dryband.com) and uses it for a legitimate "return email address. Dry received over 800 returned e-mails before it was stopped. The spammers were contacted and it seems to be under control at this point.

Cinco De Mayo Pub Crawl is a Great Success

Monmouth's Cinco De Mayo pub crawl turned out to be a great success for Tootie's West. Except for a broken front door and a couple of power failures everything went well. There was a near record breaking crowd at Tootie's and with the help of Aaron Duke from 97.7 cheering everyone on the large crowd party'd Hard! By pressured request from Aaron Duke Dry played their song "What to Believe" that 97.7 has been playing on their station recently. Funny thing is...Dry hasn't played "What to Believe" live since it was recorded a year ago. This song went through several vocal changes during recording and was never really picked up as a song to play live. Talk about being put on the spot! "We got thru'er!"

Babydoll New Most Requested Single at The Laser

Dry's single "Babydoll" becomes 92.7 FM The Laser's most requested song for three consecutive weeks. Thank you to everyone for requesting some of Galesburg's own local music. Remember "14 Days"?

Sorry Girls....Brandon gets Married!

Congratulations to Brandon and his new wife Stacy on their wedding today. They had a very nice wedding in Stronghurst Illinois followed by a very nice reception in Monmouth Illinois with a large turnout. Brandon was a little green in color and a little wobbly on his knees but all went well. Chris Lagrow from 92.7 The Laser was the DJ at the reception. Hey Brandon, you can always remember your wedding anniversary easily. It's the same day as Adolf Hitler's birthday!

Dryband.com Now Available in Different Languages

Thanks to Google and Dialectzer DRY now has language translations available to Spanish, French, German and Italian visitors. We even have a Jive translation for those of you who speak Jive!

Jim Slices Hand Open

Jim Morgan sliced the palm on his right hand open and required stitches before a Gig in Peoria IL Friday night. The gig at Tom Cats in Peoria went on as planned. He said, "It hurts but I can still play". "You made, ouch ouch, me cry, ouch ouch, when you said, ouch ouch, goodbye, ouch ouch ouch shame....."

Web Site Pages are Completed

I can finally say after many late nights (or early mornings) the dryband.com web site has finally completed its long overdue update. Well at least the initial stages of it. There still will be many other features added in the near future such as surveys, polls, contests and a guest book. Contact us via E-Mail for any changes you would like to see at dryband.com. If you have problems viewing our site with a browser other than Internet Explorer or Netscape please contact us. This site is optimized for Internet Explorer and an operating system with Windows 98 or greater however older browsers, operating systems, and Mac users should still be able to view our site without the sound effects. Web TV viewers I'm not sure what you'll get so let me know!

Dry Returns After a Three Week Hiatus

After a three week hiatus Dry hits the stage again in Peoria and Canton. "We had to take three weeks off so Sean could get his teeth fixed." Either that or we would have been singing "14 Dayths" and "What'th Yourth"! He looked a little like Rocky for a while. The website update continues with most pages in the final stages. The "Links" page and "Real Audio" page still need to be finished. All of the web pages should be completed by 3/25/02.

WMOI Playing "What to Believe"

WMOI the 80's station from Monmouth Illinois has been playing "What to Believe" from our new CD. Thanks guys! "What to Believe" is one of those songs we really were not sure was even going to make it on the CD because it is such a different style music from the rest of the disc. We were not sure if it would fit. I guess it found a place at WMOI. Thanks again!

Dry’s Website Gets a Facelift

Well after a couple of years it became obvious, “Time to revamp the website.” Well its been slow going but I’m getting it finished. There are still several pages that need to be finished in the next couple of days. This time we’re trying “frames” and a lot of “javascript”. Please provide feedback if you have any problems or complaints navigating or using our site. Our commitment is to keep the website up to date often. We will be adding a guest book and some feedback forms as soon as possible.

Brandon Takin' the Vows, Huh? That's Sweet!

After years of chronic procrastination, Brandon finally decided to make Stacy an honest woman...They will exchange Wedding Vows on April 20, 2002 at the Stronghurst Christian Church with reception following at the Monmouth VFW Post 2301. Entertainment will be provided by 92.7 Laser's own Chris LaGrow and any drunk spectators that may show up! { No DRY performance..Stacy wouldn't allow it!! } All friends and relatives are invited. No cover charge.

Sean Kistler “Kisses” Floor Rapidly

Sean caught a bad case of the flu and literally passed out waking up in his own blood. Sorry no pictures yet. After several stitches and a few fixed teeth he’s back to his normal self. (Whatever that is.) Thanks to Ruel Owen (Dentist / owner of ROCO’s Studio). The incident caused Dry to have to cancel one gig date.

Brandon Merry Gets Interviewed by WMOI

Brandon was interviewed one on one by WMOI radio. WMOI has been playing "What To Believe" and other tracks from the "What's Yours" CD. Thank you WMOI for your support!

What’s Yours is released

After almost exactly 1 year in the making “What’s Yours?” is finally finished and in the music stores and available here on our website. The CD release party at Mac’s Place was a great party. There was no room to turn around in there. We will schedule another CD release party soon. Feed back on What’s Yours has been very positive.

Mayor Sheehan of Galesburg Proclaims 2/7/02 thru 2/14/02 DRY Week

Mayor Bob Sheehan of Galesburg (a closet Dry fan) proclaimed this week DRY week with the release of their new CD What's Yours. With the CD release party only 2 days off, with a little pressure from Eric Hanson from 92.7 The Laser, Mayor Sheehan was caught (setup) live on the radio proclaiming this DRY week. No key to the city though.

Jim Records Commercial for Cherry Street Guitar

Bruce Nelson asked Jim to record some bass to use as background music to use on some of his Cherry Street Guitar Company radio ads. Jim (the bass player) and not the flashy soloist recycled some drums off of "What’s Yours" and recorded an all 12 String Bass (16 tracks) 60 second commercial that sounds wild as hell. No guitars used . Check out the MP3 page to listen to and/or download the music tracks or the actual radio commercial.

Jim Morgan Needs Driven Home

Jim celebrated his birthday with a little help from the bartenders at The Beer Cellar. Drinking several (endless) Gin and Squirts instead of his normal 1 beer a set, smacked Jim square in the face after seemingly flawless performance (according to Jim). “He played fine.” When they were done he put his 3 12 string basses in there cases, turned to his wife with his eyes crossed and said, “uba, uf gana da drifa smad fudin ma caba.” This translates basicly to: "Honey your driving me home." We couldn’t find him after that.
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