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Sean Kistler
Sean Kistler
Sean is the lead vocalist as well as the lead guitar player for the band. Some of his influences are Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters, Kiss, Carlos Santana, and the Bay City Rollers. After a few years of playing the guitar, his hidden vocal talents emerged. He is one of the few left handed people who plays his guitar right handed. Instead of using electronic toys, Sean uses his playing talent and a volume knob to achieve the rock/blues sound he gets. His guitars consist of 2 Hamer Daytona's and a Hamer Studio Custom. A Fender Twin Reverb amp powers the sound with a little wah wah now and then. Dry can also credit Sean with being the main song writer for the band. (Thank God for ex-wives and old girlfriends - Makes great song writing material!) In his spare time, Sean likes watching the "Muppet Show" re-runs, teasing the cat and has most recently enjoyed re-occuring dreams of himself as Dagwood having cartoon sex with Blondie.
Sean also performs an all acoustic solo act (The Bitterman) every Sunday and Wednesday night at the Corner Connection in Galesburg IL. When DRY has a night off he will occasionally solo by himself as Bitterman.
Lil Sean
Learning at an early age.

Contact Sean at: sean@dryband.com

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